Hello, I'm Arsenio Colon.

The date and time is 2021/06/24 18:17:16

About Me

I'm a front end web developer in the Buffalo area. I'm always developing my skills on my own, and I'm working to eventually become a full stack developer. I'm experienced with HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, Git/Github, and have experience using Wordpress. While I may not know all the languages in the world, I'm always ready to take on and learn more. I'm also a Certified Beer Server as of April 13th 2015.
> Currently, I'm going to Buffalo State College and graduating this semester with a CIS degree. I believe that learning on my own is important, since the web moves quicker than anything else. I'm hoping to pursue a career as a Web Developer.

Assignments for Web Programming II

  1. Set Up Your PHP/MySQL Server
  2. Create Your First PHP Web Page: Download Links: index.php - vars.php
  3. Create a PHP Web Page That Uses a Loop, a Function, and Arrays index.php - vars.php lfa.php - functions.php
  4. Create a PHP Web Page That Reads and Writes a Text File io.php - cis475_ior.txt
  5. Create and Populate a MySQL Table db.php - functions.php
  6. Create a PHP Table Page From a MySQL Table
  7. Create a PHP Form Page That Writes to a MySQL Table
  8. Create a Final PHP Web Site


A picture of myself

My Projects


fizzbuzz project

This program is one of the most asked 'test' programs for web development interviews! It covers the basics of any programming language: if and for loops, code blocks, and conditional statements. It uses a conditional called a modulus to calculate the remainder of a number, and provide either a number, 'fizz' if the number is divisible by 3, 'buzz' if a number is divisible by 5, or 'fizzbuzz' if a number is divisible by both 3 and 5. It's not visually spectacular, but still important to know about. This branch is the same program, but using a function and prompting the user for a number to FizzBuzz.

Hot or Cold Game

hot or cold project

Forked HTML and CSS content to emulate getting files from other developers. Worked independently on the Javascript portion to get the game working. This project helped me learn how to use functions a bit better and complimented all the other Javascript(loops/else if) that I have been learning over the past couple of weeks. I had trouble figuring out a way to get a number to compare to tell if the user was hot or cold, but ended up using the Math.abs() function to get the absolute value of the user's number and the random number.


listmaker project

Created a list application using jQuery and Javascript with some basic visual features. The script appends items when they are added from the textbox, and crosses out items by adding a class when they are done. Also provided practice using Javascript's 'this' object when referenced from a function. Part of Thinkful's FEWD course.

Streetfighter jQuery Project

streetfighter project

This project involved using show(), hide(), and animate() jQuery functions, as well as the on() and animate() functions to create a script that makes Ryu (A Street Fighter character) move when hovered over. He also does different actions if you click on him (HADOUKEN!) and when you press the X key (arguably the coolest pose he can do). Part of Thinkful's FEWD course.