My name is Janelle Gordon. I'm a Junior at Buff State. I was born July 21, 1996 in Charlotte, North Carolina but later moved to Buffalo, New York. I graduated from Frederick Law Olmsted school in 2014 and immediately after enrolled in Fall of 2014 to State University of New York College at Buffalo. Initially my intentions were to be an engineer. I decided to take one class and I quickly realized that this was not something that I wanted to pursue further. So I switched to CIS 151. The first class I was delightfully surprised and enjoyed learning for the first time in a long time. Despite my struggles I was able to pass and in CIS 251 I was able to get an A. Last semester I was able to complete 370, 375 and 400. Main interest is for a career is to be a developer either privately or for a company. I have a couple of application idea that I want to try and develop myself as a challenge. I want to introduce myself to all the opportunities I can try before narrowing on one decision.

Janelle Gordon

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Welcome to my website. I am still relatively new when it comes to using HTML and CSS so thankfully Google exist. This format is not mine but I used a template from W3schools. W3schools helps with a lot of tutorials for several different type of coding languages. They have several different templates this the one I like the most. There link is at the bottom of the page if you want to check it out.


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PHP Web Page That Uses a Loop, a Function, and Arrays

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Buffalo, NY, US
Email: gordonja01@mail.buffalostate.edu