Welcome to Alex Hummel's CIS 375 webpage!

Hello all, you're looking at my very first webpage.
A little about myself, I'm a part time CIS student at Buffalo State, work full time during the day.
Just got married this past June, the image here is from the trip my wife and I
took to San Francisco for our honeymoon. Just bought a house this summer and moved in September,
it's been a busy year!

Golden Gate Bridge
  1. Assignment 2: Create Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) Pages
  2. Inline Style
    Embedded Style
    External Style
  3. Assignment 3: Create a Table Web Page
  4. Table Page
  5. Assignment 4: Create an HTML5/CSS Compliant Web Page
  6. HTML5/CSS Compliant Page
  7. Assignment 5: Add Special Effects to Your Web Page Using Cascading Style Sheets
  8. CSS Special Effects Page
  9. Assignment 6: Create a Form Web Page
  10. Form Page
  11. Assignment 7: Create a Multimedia Web Site
  12. Multimedia Page
  13. Assignment 8: Create a JavaScript Web Page
  14. Javascript Page
  15. Assignment 9: Add JavaScript Validation to Your Web Form Page
  16. Updated Form Page
  17. Assignment 10: HTML5 Wow Me
  18. HTML5 Final
  19. Extra Credit: Krug Book Essay/Presentation