Computer Engineer

Nature of Work

Computer engineers design, develop, and test technical systems. Those in this career usually focus on either hardware or software. Both require a deep knowledge of computer science and mathematics. This career contrasts from a computer programmer by the attention to computer fundamentals and scientific theory. An engineer or scientist in this field has a deeper knowledge of how things work from low-level to high-level. Low-level being how 0's and 1's are interpreted, and high-level being something like 'If this, do that'.

Working Conditions

Working conditions vary widely between companys. Most engineers are expected to be able to solve new and ever changing technical problems. Working environments are known in popular culture for being very modernistic, typically in the silicon valley region. Most working environments are no different than a typical business office environment.


At least a BS degree in computer engineering or computer science. Some related job experience is expected.

Who is Hiring?

This career has a continuously enlarging scope. Technology companies and many industries look for computer engineers for research and development of products.

Job Outlook

More and more industries are hiring computer engineers. The prevelence of technological advancement makes this career have one of the highest job outlooks in the future.


The median salary of this career is $92,396. Low range is $65,000, and high range is $133,000. This data has been sourced from
According to Google, the median salary from a 2015 study is $111,730.

Additional Information

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  • Why have I chosen this occupation?


    I have always enjoyed computer technology. I feel happy when I am creating, inventing, and thinking about improving something.


    I have a natural cabability of understanding logic, patterns, and structured thinking.


    I value organization, improvement, and functional/logical reasoning.

    Preferred Mental Functioning

    This career requires a lot of introverted thinking, following the frameworks and logic of computer science.